Monday, September 1, 2014

Growing Boys

How are my boys getting so big?!?!

Kaleb will be three on the 18th. He LOVES talking, playing with trains &  his Cars toys, he's fearless-- I'm going gray!, he loves his big boy bike & best of all, he loves his baby brother!!

Gavin will be 7 months on the 13th. He is sitting up, eating fruits & veggies, bouncing like CRAZY in his "Ring of Neglect," talking away-- and best of all, so intrigued by his big brother!!

MN State Fair!!

After a four year absence we took full advantage of this years trip! Toby Keith concert, PAPA (pronto) PUPS, cheese curds, fried olives, ruebens balls, walleye fingers, mini donuts, & Sweet Martha's cookies!! 

This year was Kaleb's first trip, & while it might have been a bit overwhelming at times, I think he had a ball. He LOVED the big yellow slide & barely shared his bag of mini donut (or the ice cream cone that was supposed to be Grammy's....or the s'more....). He had fun trying lots of kid friendly activities-- I can't wait for next year!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

We're still here!

Oops!! Who knew I'd have less time to blog when I wasn't working!! 

Lots of walks, trips to the park, plaing at the beach, playing baseball, Como Zoo, Wednesday Night at the Races, Thomas the Train, visiting friends & family, and so much more. 

Let's get caught up on the past month through pictures...